What is Simple 3D Coverflow Wordpress Plugin ?

Simple 3D Coverflow Wordpress Plugin is a fully 3D multimedia coverflow slider wordpress plugin that allows to display multimedia content with an unique original layout from a 3D perspective. It’s perfect for any kind of presentation, for anyone that wants to deliver a great impact to thier visitors. It runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android and Windows. When a thumbnail is clicked you can choose to do nothing, display multimedia content using our great revolution lightbox or to open a new webpage. The lightbox has support for image, video (mp4), audio (mp3), Vimeo, YouTube, iFrame, Google maps and flash. Simple 3D Coverflow Wordpress Plugin has high performance using OOP code and the latest CSS techniques, ready for mobile with swipe, very flexible, easy to setup and extremely customizable.

Simple 3D Coverflow Wordpress Plugin main features:

+ Responsive / Fluid layout with autoscale function.

+ Mobile and desktop optimized (Ipad demo here!).

+ Scroll and/or drag and swipe functions for the desktop and mobile devices.

+ Mouse Wheel support - navigation with mouse wheel scrolling.

+ Keyboard support - the left and right arrows can be used for navigation through the thumbnails.

+ Optional Categories Menu.

+ Support for unlimited categories and each category can have any number of thumbnails.

+ The option to start at a specific category.

+ Customizable thumbnails size and topology geometry.

+ Customizable hover effect for the side thumbnails.

+ Customizable / optional reflection for the thumbnails.

+ Customizable description text for the center thumbnail.

+ Dynamic or static tooltip for the center thumbnail.

Revolution lightbox used to display multimedia content. When a thumbnail is clicked the lightbox can be used to display image, video (mp4), audio (mp3), Vimeo, YouTube, iFrame, Google maps or flash

+ Customizable controls - each button, scrollbar, bullets navigation, component is optional and can be modified.

+ Optional and customizable Shadow Box Gradient for the thumbnails.

+ Custom action for the thumbnail click.

+ Powerful API included.

+ You can include multiple instances on the same page.

+ Slideshow Autoplay.

+ Two skins included.

+ Shortcode generator.

+ Powerful API included.

+ Tones of other features.

Simple 3D Coverflow Wordpress Plugin video tutorial:

Special notes:

+ When viewing the coverflow on a mobile browser the scrollbar is automatically disabled, the swipe functionality taking its place.

+ On IE the coverflowXRotation and coverflowYRotation do not work. This affects only preset 9.

+ The skin is constructed from png files, which makes it easy to modify it and create new looks.

+ For support or customizations please contact us here.