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This 360° product viewer is based on years of research and interactive 2D, 3D and linear product visualizations for our clients, packed with premium features and attention to details. It's built for real business and is backed by our professional support.

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Simple 3 steps

Easy Way To Display Your Own Product

Creating a 360° 2D, 3D or linear product is straight forward, add your images in the viewer playlist, customize the settings to fit your design and add it in your page.

porche car

Infinite possibilities

Display 360° 2D, 3D Or Linear Products Professionally

We would love to welcome YOU to the FWD family!

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2D, 3D And Linear Products

Display any product type, we have thought at all product formats this way Easy 360° Product Viewer can display products types from a 3D or 2D product to a linear product.

Markers Or Hotsposts

Three hotspots types. Link, small info window and detailed info window, allowing to display information about the product on specific regions. Once created a hotspot can be used on more then one image.

Optional Controls

Control the product with various controls and features like horizontal and vertical rotation, pan, next and previous image, zoom, slideshow, custom link, info, fullscreen and more.

Deep Zoom

When the image is zoomed it can be viewed in great detail by loading a more detailed version of the image, this way allowing the usage of high-resolution images without compression, fast and lazy loading

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We thought of everything

Smart Features

With all the features available Is pretty easy to cover any desires and particular cases.

User friendly

Easy to use and install

Fully responsive

Mobile optimized

Deep zooming

Horizontal rotation

Vertical rotation

Vertical and horizontal rotation

Customizable rotation speed

Drag and spin

Lazy loading and lazy scrolling

Multiple sets of images

Start at specific set

Start at specific image

Navigator window

Custom right click context menu

Customizable zoom factor

Three markers or hotspots type

Built-in tool for finding markers position

Rotation button

Pan button

Rotate left and right buttons

Zoom in and zoom out buttons

Zoom in and zoom out scrollbar

Slideshow button & slideshow autoplay

Customizable slideshow rotation speed

Info button & info window

Custom link button

Fullscreen button

Buttons tooltip

Keyboard support

Mouse wheel support

Pinch and zoom gestures support

Powerful API

Detailed documentation and video tutorials

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Trusted By
+25,000 Happy Clients

First released in 2006, our plugin has since then been constantly improved in terms of features, usability, and beginner-friendliness.

+14 Years

“The plugin is a very good product and does exactly what I need! Simple to customize and very flexible. And then the support team is very kind and responds to requests really fast.”

Progersrl - Client from ENVATO

“The team support is outstanding. They fixed a problem for me in a very short time. Excellent support, excellent product.”

Principiate - Client from ENVATO

“Best 360° Viewer plugin I could find - and the only one with a zoom feature”

Claus-Springborg - Client from ENVATO

“Very happy with this plugin! Works great, looks superb and support from Tibi is excellent!.”

Mattinger - Client from ENVATO

“The plugin is highly customizable, product rotations load up really fast compared to other plugins and the developer responded and fixed an issue super fast within couple of hours! Great product!”

VertexBee - Client from ENVATO

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Quality Check by Codecanyon

Easy to use, tons of features plus direct support from the plugin developer.

24/7 Support From The
Plugin Developer

24/7 Support From The Plugin Developer

I love to create innovative tools that my clients can benefit from! - Tibi @ FWD

Constant Development
And Updates

Constant Development And Updates

Easy 360° Product Viewer comes with access to support and free updates.

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Easy To Configure
And Install

Easy To Configure And Install

Easy to include in your project. Featuring detailed documentation and video tutorials.

All the features that you need

Many Features In One Product

Powerfull image rotator

Rich-feature and unique tool that allows to display any number of images from different angles of a 2D, 3D or linear product or image offering unparalleled control and features.

Responsive layout

Fully responsive and adaptable regardless of which device is used.

Easy to use and install

This plugin is a veteran with more than 16 years in the making, we had enough time to understand our clients and package the best 360-degree product viewer!

Mobile and desktop optimized

The viewer will adapt to any screen size and any device, wheater you are watching videos on your desktop browser or your mobile phone.

Grpahics image .png skin or vector skin

Two included skins with a .png image skin or a vector svg skin 1 or vector svg skin 2, visually the skins look the same. Figma/.fig files included plus video tutorial about how to use the graphics and vector skin.

Unlimited skin design posibilities

Because the viewer has the option of a graphigs/.png skin there are literally no limitations in the skin design, just replace the .png files used for the skin with your own and create magic example here and video tutorial.

Lazy scrolling or lazy loading

Initialize the viewer on scroll when it is visible in the page, this way if the viewer is in a page section that is not visible it will not be initialized, instead it will be initialized only when the user will scroll to that page section.

High image quality

Support for high image quality without losing performance.

Unlimited number of images

Manage any number of images, this makes it unique, rotate or navigate any type of product, it dosen't have to be a 3d product, it can be be any images sequence.

Unlimited image sets

Support for multiple image sets, this feature allows to rotate on both horizontally (x axis) and/or vertically (y axis), for example a 3D object

Deep zooming

When the image is zoomed it can be viewed in great detail by loading a more detailed version of the image, this way allowing the usage of high-resolution images without compression, fast and lazy loading, example here.

Images and image sets rotation limit

When the viewer reaches the first or last image or set the rotation is stopped. It can only be rotated between the first and last image or set, this is useful if you don't have a complete 360° product or a a linear product.

Start at image or images set

The possibility to start at a specific image and/or images set once all images are loaded.

Markers or hotspots

Three hotspots types (link, small info window and detailed info window) allowing to display information about the product on specific regions. Once created a hotspot can be used on more then one image.

Customizable markers or hotspots

The markers or hotspots can be of any size or shape and they can vary, for example if you want to add three link type hotspots each of them can have a different size or graphics, this applies to all markers/hotspots types.

Customizable markers or hotspots position

Built-in tool for finding the correct position for the marker.

Navigator window

Customizable small navigator window that allows panning the image when it is zoomed. The window size can be set to any size and also the images are drawn automatically from the original images, example here.

Right click menu

Customizable right click context menu that allows to control the viewer, like rotate, pan, fullscreen, etc...

Control buttons bar

Complete control buttons bar with buttons. The control buttons bar can be positioned vertical top or bottom and horizontal left, center or right.

Customizable buttons

All buttons are optional and can be easily removed if one or more are not required, the buttons order can be set as you wish and the buttons geometry (spacing and position) can be set individually offering fine tune control.

Rotation and pan buttons

This buttons will toggle between the pan and rotate viewer features.

Left and right buttons

This buttons are used to rotate the viewer images left or right.

Advanced rotation

Customizable rotation speed while dragging and customizable rotation speed while the right or left buttons are pressed and hold, example here.

Drag and spin

Drag and spin (vertical, horizontal or both), the sensitivity/speed for this option can be customized.

Zoom in and zoom out buttons plus scrollbar

Precise control while zooming in or out the viewer.

Customizable zoom factor

The zoom factor can be customized allowing to fine tune the zoom level, this way the image can be zoomed in or zoomed out as much as you want, example here.

Pinch and zoom gestures

Pinch and zoom gestures support for touch-enabled mobile devices like Iphone/IOS and Smasung S11/Android, the image can be zoomed with two-finger, panned or rotated using one finger.

Slideshow button & start slideshow on leave

Slideshow button to play or pause automatic rotation of the viewer, the start slideshow on leave is a very cool feature that starts the slideshow after the mouse leaves the viewer viewport, example here.

Slideshow autoplay & customizable slideshow rotation speed

Possibility to start rotating the images automatically once the viewer is ready and customize the slideshow rotation speed in milliseconds, example here.

Hyperlink & fullscreen buttons

The hiperlink button opens a new page on click, the page URI can be set and fullscreen button with fullscreen support.

Info window button & info window

Info window button for showing a detailed custom made window that supports any HTML content and can be styled as you want to fit your design.

Customizable buttons tooltips

Optional buttons tootips and customizable tooltip text.

Keyboard support

Use left and right keyboard arrows to rotate the viewer images.

Mouse wheel support

Use mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out the viewer images, example here.

WooCommerce support

Easy 360° Product Viewer can be included in a WooCommerce product page, all features and settings work exactly like in the WordPress version, there are no restrictions.

Powerfull API

Complete API for all features and more, plus events support, this methods and events can be called outside the viewer.

Detailed documentation & video tutorials

The plugin comes with a detailed documentation as well as various video tutorials for example here can be found a detailed video tutorial for the WordPress Version.

Direct support from the developer

Once you buy Easy 360° Product Viewer you will also receive direct support and attention from the plugin developer. Tibi @ FWD

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