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Showcase authentic 3D models with realistic rendering, encompassing lights, environment maps and shadows, seamlessly integrate hotspots/markers, tooltips, info windows and more!

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Why choose Easy 3D Model Viewer?

Easy to use

Easy To Use

Seamlessly integrate into your project, effortlessly adaptable to any size or location.

No coding requirement

No Coding Required

Designed for both beginners and advanced users alike.

Buy one time

Buy One Time

Purchase once and enjoy lifetime access to updates.

Smart Features

We have thought of everything!

Realistic 3D Models

Support for .gltf, .glb, glTF-Embedded and compressed DRACO format, compact, fast, standardized 3D for the Web, delivering stunning realism with realistic lights, environment maps, shadows and more.


3D makers and 2D markers, that can be added anywhere on the 3D model that allows to display tooltips, detailed info windows, control built-in animations, tween the camera at specific positions in the scene and much more.

Easy To Configure And Install

Easy to include in your project. Featuring detailed documentation and video tutorials with sample demo pages ready for use, constant updates and direct support from the developer - Tibi @ FWD.

Markers Ready

Full Controls

Built-In Animation Ready

Display & Explore 3D Models Easily In Your Project

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Many Features In One Product

We would love to welcome YOU to the FWD family!

Responsive Layout

Fully responsive and adaptable regardless of which device is used.

Lightbox Support

Easy 3D Model Viewer can be opened in a lightbox when the page is ready or triggered by an external action, such as clicking a button. The lightbox layout is fully responsive, and the viewer size can be customized as needed, example here.

Customizable Size

Easy 3D Model Viewer can be set to any width or height and can be added anywhere in your page or app.

Desktop & Mobile Optimized

Easy 3D Model Viewer will adapt to any screen size and any device, wheater you are using a mobile phone (IOS, Iphone, Android) or on your desktop browser.

Vector Skin

Everything is vector based this will make the viewer look sharp on all devices mobile or desktop.

Customizable Color Theme

The color theme of all viewer el ements can be easily customized to suit your preferences, example here.

Lazy Scrolling/Loading

Option to initialize Easy 3D Model Viewer on scroll when the viewer is visible in the page, this way for example if the viewer is in a section that is not visible it will not be initialized, instead the viewer will be initialized only when the user will scroll to the section in which the viewer is added.


Customizable preloader that not only displays loading progress but also features a poster. You have the flexibility to set the preloader's size and position according to your preferences, example here.

Buttons Controller

Customizable controller featuring play, zoom in, zoom out, info, help, and fullscreen buttons. The controller automatically hides itself after a designated period of user inactivity.

Orbital Controls

Customizable 3D orbital controls that allows to zoom and move the camera.

Orbital Controls Ranges

The camera rotation can be selectively constrained both horizontally and vertically, alongside customizable minimum and/or maximum zoom settings, adjusting parameters such as zoom factor, damping factor, zoom speed, pan speed, and more, example here.


The 3D model can be configured for automatic rotation, with the option to customize the rotation speed and direction to suit individual preferences, example here.

Keyboard Pan

Navigate the model effortlessly with keyboard shortcuts, using the intuitive W A S D keys or your preferred custom key setup, the pan speed can be adjusted as well.

Environment Map

Enhanced environmental mapping support with .exr files, offering nuanced control. Choose to display the environment map as a background, utilize it solely for reflections and lighting in a specific mode, or apply it subtly as a color-toned gradient color.


Effortlessly customize directional and ambient lighting to suit your model perfectly. Easily set the light intensity and position according to your preferences, with added support for tone mapping to extend the luminance range for a richer visual experience.

Contact Shadow

Achieve authentic contact shadows with a defined contact plane. Tailor the shadow's blur, darkness, and opacity to your exact specifications for a seamless and customizable visual experience.

Default Built-in Animation Control

Play a 3D model built-in animation at your preferred time once the model is ready for display. Adjust the animation speed to your liking and fine-tune parameters such as clamping at the end and loop count for a tailored and dynamic presentation, example here.


Enhance your 3D model with customizable markers/hotspots. These versatile feature can open pages/links, enable control over built-in animations or camera positions and can display tooltips and/or detailed info windows, enriched with full HTML and CSS support.

Two Marker Types

Easy 3D Model Viewer introduces support for two marker types. The 2D markers type manifests as an HTML element added over the 3D canvas, it dynamically hides or shows based on the angle value between the camera and the marker's intersection point face normal. Meanwhile, the 3D markers type seamlessly integrates into the scene, sharing a visual similarity with its 2D counterpart.

Markers Built-in Animation Control

Clicking on a marker empowers you to control a built-in animation with a myriad of options at your fingertips. Define parameters such as animation loop count, speed/time scale, and choose whether to animate the marker along with the model or maintain a fixed position. Customize post-animation actions, including playing the animation in reverse, animation clamping, and toggling the display of tooltips or info windows.

Markers Camera Animations

Establish personalized positions on a model with custom names. Upon clicking a marker, seamlessly transition the camera to the personalized location using smooth tweening, allowing you to set the duration and easing to match your preferences, example here. This versatile feature can be integrated with the built-in animations, akin to the functionality observed in the photo camera demo when clicking the larger play marker, example here.

Markers Camera Animations Menu

Navigate your personalized marker camera animations effortlessly with a dedicated menu. This intuitive interface not only showcases but also grants control over the displayed markers and their corresponding camera animations, example here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our frequently asked questions for swift solutions to common queries.

What is Easy 3D Viewer?

3D responsive model viewer that supports gltf, glb, glTF-Embedded, and compressed DRACO formats, delivering stunning realism with realistic lights, environment maps, shadows and more. Take your models to the next level by adding markers/hotspots that can play/control built-in animation, show tooltips and detailed info windows, animate custom camera postions and much more!

How are the markers used?

Markers/hotspots can be added on the model at any position with various functionality, when clicked it can open pages/links, enable control over built-in animations or camera positions and can display tooltips and/or detailed info window with full CSS/HTML support, JavaScript video tutorial.

How can I add it in my project?

Addig Easy 3D Model Viwer in your project is a simple task, we provided examples, detailed documentation and video tutorials, JavaScript video tutorial.

How can I get support?

Once pucrchased you will receive direct support from the developer, Tibi @ FWD.

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