Build a modern & mobile-friendly lightbox. It's easier than you think!.

Single items

By default for the static content, Revolution Lightbox will display each item independently in the lightbox. If the data-rel attribute is not specified specified, then only one item will be displayed in the lightbox.

The dynamic content type will display the items based on the how many are defined in the HTML or JSON markup.

Image & video gallery

Revolution Lightbox can display unlimited galleries, all supported media types (image, video, Iframe, etc) can be mixed as wanted. In the below example an image gallery with images and three self hosted mp4 videos is used.

Video and audio gallery

Display unlimited video galleries with advanced features as VAST & VMAP advertising, Google Adsense & IMA SDK/Interactive Media Ads, Subtitles, Google Chromecast and much more. Revolution Lightbox is using Easy Video Player as the video & audio engine.

Iframe & HTML

Revolution Lightbox supports HTML content and Iframe galleries as well.