Try #1 Vertical 3D Multimedia Coverflow
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Try #1 Vertical 3D Multimedia Coverflow On Envato Market

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It’s not just a plugin, it is PASSION! Tibi @ FWD

Display Your Images In A Professional Way

Vertical Simple 3D Coverflow is a fully 3D vertical multimedia coverflow slider that allows to display multimedia content with an unique original layout from a 3D perspective using different 3D topologies with great attention to details. It’s perfect for any kind of presentation, for anyone that wants to deliver a great visual impact to their visitors.

User friendly

Multiple categories

Categories menu

Lazy loading

Multiple 3D Topologies

Mouse wheel support

Swipe and drag support

Customizable thumbnails / images

Thumbnails reflection

Thumbnails border and shadow

Thumbnials click custom action

Multimedia lightbox included

Youtube support

Video/mp4 & Audio/mp3 support

Next and previous buttons navigation

Slideshow and slideshow button

Multiple instances

Keyboard support

Powerfull API

Expand more features

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Easy To Configure And Install

Easy to include in your project. Featuring detailed documentation and video tutorials with sample demo pages ready for use.

Customizable Skin And Theme

Flexible skin and color theme, there are no limits when it comes to skin and overall theme design, no matter the design of your page the coverflow can be customized to look like it was made exactly for you.

Easily Customizable, User Friendly Admin And Modular

Vertical Simple 3D Coverflow can be customized and configured using a detailed admin panel, also most of the features are optional for example the navigation controls like the next and previous buttons, slideshow button, etc... can be removed.

Built In Presets And Expandable

There are 9 built-in presets included that can be easily used with just a few clicks. This presets can be customized to create your own variations, there are literally infinite possibilities to configure the visual aspect of the coverflow using this presets.

Constant Development And Updates

Once purchased, Vertical Simple 3D Coverflow comes with access to support and free updates.

Direct Support From The Plugin Developer

To create this 3D coverflow was a real challenge and it has a special place in my evolution as a developer and engineer, It took more than 8 months of hard work to finish this project. Since it has been on sale I got very good at supporting it, understanding my clients, adding new features, and fix bugs that are inevitable in this crazy WEB world. For me this is more than a job, it is my passion. I love to create innovative tools that my clients can benefit from! - Tibi @ FWD

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+25,000 Happy Clients

First released in 2014, our plugin has since then been constantly improved in terms of features, usability, and beginner-friendliness.

Quality Check by Codecanyon, 24/7 Support

Easy to use, tons of features plus direct support from the video player developer.

Responsive Layout

Fully responsive and adaptable regardless of which device is used.

Infinite Loop

Optional infinite loop that allows navigating the thumbnails infinitely when swiping or navigating the coverflow to left or right, example here.

Mobile And Desktop Optimized

Vertical Simple 3D Coverflow will adapt to any screen size and any device like your desktop browser or your mobile phone.

Multiple Instances

One or more instances can be installed in the same page, example here.

Multiple Display Types

Some of the display types, responsive and fluid width.

Lazy Scrolling / Loading

Option to initialize the coverflow on scroll when it is visible in the page, this way for example if the coverflow is in a section that is not visible it will not be initialized, instead, the coverflow will be initialized only when the user will scroll to the section in which the coverflow is added.

Playlists / Categories Database

The HTML markup playlists / categories can be created manually or generated from a database.

Multiple Categories & Thumbnails

Support for unlimited cateogories and thumbnails images, each category can have unlimited thumbnails and the option to start at a specific category or thumbnail.

Categories Menu

If more then one category is used a categories menu selector can be showed from which the user can select the category that he wants to view.

Customizable Thumbnails Size And Topology Geometry

The thumbnils size can be set to any size, also Vertical Simple 3D Coverflow support different thumbnails size this way your images will be displayed with the correct aspect ratio.

Customizable Thumbnails Hover Effect

When a thumbnail is hovered a specific 3d z-axis offset can be set to push the thumbnail visually in front of the others and also an optional gradient color can be set to blend perfectly the thumbnails with your page color theme.

Thumbnails Reflection

Optional customizable thumbnails / images reflection, the reflection size, and the space between the thumbnail and reflection can be customized.

Revolution Lightbox Included

Optional multimeda lightbox used to display multimedia content. When a thumbnail is clicked the lightbox can be used to display image, video (mp4), audio (mp3), Vimeo, YouTube, iFrame, Google maps or flash.

Custom Action Thumbnail Click

When the center thumbnail is clicked a new page can be opened, a javascript function can be called or the lightbox can be opened.

Next And Previous Buttons

Optional next and previous buttons that can be used to navigate through the coverflow thumbnails.

Slideshow Button & Slideshow

Optional slideshow button and slideshow, the slideshow delay can be set in miliseconds. The slideshow feature can be used without the slideshow button using the slideshow autoplay feature.

Keyboard Support

The left and right arrow keys can be used to navigate through the coverflow thumbnails.

Mouse Wheel Support

The mouse wheel can be used to navigate through the coverflow thumbnails.

Drag And Swipe Support

Use the mouse on PC or finger on mobile to drag and swipe the coverflow to navigate through the coverflow thumbnails.

9 Built-In Presets Included

There are 9 built-in presets included that can be easily used with just a few clicks. This presets can be customized to create your own variations, there are literally infinite possibilities to configure the visual aspect of the coverflow using this presets.

Powerful API

Full set of API methods and API events, example here.

Detailed Documentation & Video Tutorials

The plugin comes with detailed documentation as well as various video tutorials for example here can be found a detailed video tutorial about how to use the WordPress Version.

Direct Support From The Plugin Developer

Once you buy Vertical Simple 3D Coverflow you will also receive direct support and attention from the plugin developer. Tibi @ FWD

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