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Easy Video Player is a powerful and unique responsive video player that can play local, self-hosted or streaming video & audio single source files with one or multiple qualities, Youtube, Vimeo, Vimeo Pro, Live streaming, HLS, DASH MPEG, 360-degree videos / VR, Google Adsense, VAST & VMAP and much more...

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EVP Features



“Video Ad Serving Template”. Monetize your videos using VAST & VMAP and a sophisticated mix of video advertising tools and features to maximize your video & audio revenue.



IMA SDK for HTML5 and DFP / Google Adsense Doubleclick IMA tags & multimedia advertisement. The ultimate ad revenue and monetization to bring insane results to your website today!

User friendly

Replace Wordpress Video Player


Green Screen


Youtube videos

Vimeo & Vimeo Pro videos

Multiple video quality

Apple HLS and MPEG DASH Live Streaming


Video path encryption



Google Drive, Amazon S3 and more

Google Adsense


Google Chromecast


A to B loop

Thumbnails .vtt & live preview

Password protected




360 Degree support

Google analytics

Embed and share

Audio spectrum visualizer

Custom post types

Shortcode generator

Hosted & streaming HTML5 videos

Playback rate speed

Keyboard support

Vector or graphics (.png) skins

Watermark logo

Video Poster

Powerfull API


Right click menu


Info window

Download video





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Desktop And Mobile Optimized

Fully responsive and flexible, EVP will adapt to any screen size and any device, wheater you are watching video on your desktop browser or your mobile phone.

Easy To Configure And Install

Easy to include in your project. Featuring detailed documentation and video tutorials with sample demo pages ready for use.

Customizable Skin And Theme Color

EVP skin / icons can be graphics (.png) files or vector (vector font) this makes if very flexible. There are no limits when it comes to skin design, also there are 5 graphics skin and one vector skin included with dark and white variations. No matter the design of your page EVP can be customized to look like it was made exactly for you.

Easily Customizable, User Friendly Admin And Modular

EVP can be customized and configured using a detailed admin panel.

All features or buttons like play, pause, fullscreen etc are optional, they can be removed as well as the playlist. For example the playlist can be removed completely and leave just a few buttons like play / pause and fullscreen, this makes the video player perfect for any type of project either with a complex interface using a playlist or bare-bones as a simple video player.

Advanced Advertising

Built-in advertisement with preroll, midroll, postroll video or audio files, the source can be self-hosted or external .mp3 or .mp4, Youtube video, Vimeo or Vimeo Pro video, Iframe, HLS / m3u8, DASH MPEG / mpd or Image (.png, .jpg, .jpeg).

VAST & VMAP as well as Google Adsense Doubleclick DFP IMA tags & multimedia advertisement support. This also includes VPAID.

Built-in popup non-linear ads and also popup non-linear Google Adsense ads as well as advertisement window on pause.

Constant Development And Updates

Once purchased, EVP comes with access to support and free updates.

Direct Support From The EVP Developer

I've been working on this video player for almost 14 years and I will continue to improve it and add new features. During these 14 years of development, I got very good at supporting EVP, understanding my clients, adding new features and fix bugs that are inevitable in this crazy WEB world. For me this is more than a job, it is my passion. I love to create innovative tools that my clients can benefit from! - Tibi @ FWD

Trusted By +25,000 Happy Clients

First released in 2006, our plugin has since then been constantly improved in terms of features, usability, and beginner-friendliness.

Quality Check by Codecanyon, 24/7 Support

Easy to use, tons of features plus direct support from the video player developer.

Many Features In One Product

Responsive layout

Fully responsive and adaptable regardless of which device is used.

Multiple instances

One or more instances of EVP can be installed in the same page, these instances are communicating with each other for example when one EVP instance starts to play all other EVP instances can be set to stop or pause, also other optimizations are made to increase performance, example here.

Encrypt video source / path

Using this feature will not allow a user or boot to see or steal the video source from the page source. This can be used for all supported formats.

Mobile and desktop optimized

EVP will adapt to any screen size and any device, wheater you are watching videos on your desktop browser or your mobile phone.

Multiple display types

Some of the display types are responsive, fixed, sticky, fullscreen, lightbox, popup ...

Lazy scrolling / loading

Option to initialize EVP on scroll when the video player is visible in the page, this way for example if the video player is in a section that is not visible it will not be initialized, instead, EVP will be initialized only when the user will scroll to the section in which the video player is added.

Resume / remember function

Marks the last play position of the video when the browser is closed and remembers it when you come back to watch the video again.

URL timestamp

Set a URL timestamp in the format of t=hours[h]minutes[m]seconds[s], start and/or stop the video at a specified time by setting a timestamp in the video player page URL, example here.

Various video & audio format

EVP has support for various video or audio formats like .mp3, .mp4, Youtube, Vimeo, and Vimeo Pro, HLS / m3u8, DASH MPEG / mpd live streaming and more.

Fail-safe / backup / second source

Possibility to add a second source, if the first video source can't play EVP will play the second source, video tutorial here.

Real time spectrum visualizer

Real time spectrum visualizer for audio / .mp3 files with customizable color theme, example here.

Fill entire video screen and poster screen

This feature will allow filling the gaps of the video and poster, you can have for example a real full-width player.

Multiple video quality

Support for multiple quality videos like 720p, 1080p, 2160p and more, add as many as you like. The different quality videos can be selected and set using a video quality selector similar to Youtube, example here

Playback rate speed selector

Support for multiple playback rates/speeds, they can be set with ease and changed at runtime using an optional playback rate/speed selector, example here

Vector or image skin

EVP skin/icons can be graphics (.png) files or vector (vector font) this makes if very flexible, there are no limits when it comes to skin design, also there are 5 graphics skin and one vector skin included with dark and white variations.

HEX / CSS skin color support

The buttons colors can be modified with simple CSS by passing a hexadecimal color in the video player admin and even more, we have done it in a cool way that all graphics will retain the texture and at the same time apply the chosen color.

Youtube and Vimeo support

EVP can play Youtube or Vimeo single videos, create Youtube playlist or Vimeo playlists/showcases or mix them with all supported video formats.

External sources & cloud storage

Display content from many external sources including Amazon S3, Google Drive, other cloud storage platforms like Dropbox or any public link that can play in a browser.

Single media file format

For video and audio, only one format is required .mp4 or .mp3 across all browsers mobile and desktop.

Live streaming Apple HLS & DASH MPEG

Support for Apple HLS / .m3u8 with multiple video quality levels and multiple audio tracks and MPEG DASH / .mpd live streaming, adaptive bitrate support.

Audio Tracks Support For .mp4 / Video.

Support for video / mp4 multiple audio tracks, please note that this feature is limited by browser support, browsers that do not have support for the HTMLMediaElement.audioTracks video property will not display the headphone button that allows changing the video audio track.

360 degree panoramic video

Display 360 panoramic videos with mobile and desktop support, example here.

Panoramic 360 VR And Stereoscopic Video

360 Immersive VR / virtual reality 360 video and Cardboard mode support are added using WebXR, any Html5 video is supported including Mpeg Dash, HLS Native and HLS.JS, turn your device into a virtual reality video machine, this feature allows using Cardboard goggles or VR hardware like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive to display a VR 360 video scene, example here.

Green screen / transparent background

Support for green screen / transparent background videos, the possiblity to remove the green color from a video with a green, blue or any popular color used for this type of CGI effect background and replace it with transparency, example here.

Video background

Use EVP as a video background and even controll it using the API, EVP can be used as a video background for any any HTML page, example here.

Chromeless Support

EVP can be used as a engine to create your own video player, example here.

Custom right click context menu

Custom right-click context menu when the right mouse button is clicked a custom menu appears that allows us to copy the video URL, video URL at current playback time or switch fullscreen and normal screen.

Chromecast support

Play mp4 videos or mp3 audios on your TV screen using Chromecast, the media can be controlled via the video player interface basically, the browser and the video player become a remote tv, example here.

Thumbnails .VTT preview

Show video preview thumbnail when hovering over progress seek bar, example here.

Thumbnails live preview

Live auto-generated video thumbnails, now is possible to auto-generate video preview thumbnails directly from video. This feature works with self hosted or external hosted mp4/video, HLS/m3u8, Google drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and more.... example here, video tutorial here


Similar to Youtube annotations but with full control over the content and also mobile support. Annotations can be added anywhere over the video, they can be a static message or an interactive link and more, also the video player API or a custom javascript function can be called when an annotation is clicked and full HTML and CSS formatting, example here.

Video cuepoints

Using this feature on or more javascript functions or javascript code can be executed at a specified time during video playback, example here.


Support for one or multiple subtitles, the format can be .txt, .srt or .vtt, example here.

Subtitles selector

If more subtitles are used they can be changed during video playback using an optional subtitle selector, example here.

Video poster

The poster is visible when the video player is stopped. Please note that a single source can be used for both desktop machines and mobile devices.

Watermark logo

The logo can be set to hide with the control bar or to always be visible, also the logo position is customizable and it can be set to open a window on click with a specific URL.

Embed & share window

This features allow to share the current playing video, get an embed code that you can use to embed the video player in a webpage and more, example here.

Double click & double tap

Double click in the center fullscreen / normal screen, click on the right forward video 10 seconds, double click on the left rewind video 10 seconds.

Keyboard support

F:fullscreen / normalscreen, LEFT & RIGHT ARROWS:skip video 5 seconds forward or backward, UP & DOWN ARROWS: volume up or volume down, M:mute / unmute, SPACE: play / pause.

Powerful API

Full set of API methods and API events, like play, pause, stop, scrub with time, scrub with percent, volume and soooo much more, example here.

Private & password protected videos

The videos, all of them or just the one that you want can be set to be private and the user will be required to enter a password to view the video, example here.

Play only if logged-in

The videos, all of them or just the one that you want can be set play only if the user is logged-in also a custom message can be set, example here.

Google analytics

Google Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your business in one place. Please watch this video tutorial for more info.

Non linear Google Adsense support

One or more non-linear Adsense ads can be set to run during video playback.

DFP/Google Doubleclick IMA tags

Interactive Media Ads SDKs - IMA SDK for HTML5 and DFP / Google Doubleclick IMA tags support, which allows you to place Google Adsense for Video tags to stream video Pre-Roll Ads (linear), Mid-Roll, Post-Roll, VMAP + Bumper and Pods, or Non-Linear Banner/Text Ads (non-linear) with your self-hosted videos, example here.

Popup commercial ads

Multiple pop-up ads can be added for a video, also the showtime and hide time can be specified, for example, a commercial popup ad can be showed at second 10 and hidden at second 40. These types of ads are similar to then Youtube popup ads, example here.

Popup advertisement window

Support for an overlay advertisement window over the video when the video is a pause, the source of this window is an iframe so you can add in it any content, there are no limits, the overlay advertisement window width and height can be set to any size that you want and of course, it is responsive, example here.

Builtin advertising

Built-in advertisement with preroll, midroll, postroll video or audio files, the source can be self-hosted or external .mp3 or .mp4, Youtube video, Vimeo or Vimeo Pro video, Iframe, HLS / m3u8, DASH MPEG / mpd or Image (.png, .jpg, .jpeg), example here.

VAST & VMAP support

VAST - Video Ad Serving Template and VMAP - Video Multiple Ad Playlist support. The Easy “Ad Revenue" and "Monetization” to bring INSANE Results to your Websites Starting TODAY!, example here.

A to B video loop / ab loop

Option to loop a specific section/part of a video using two times/timestamp points, point A the start point and point B the endpoint, these points can be adjusted using the a to b loop controller, example here.

Optional go fullscreen on play

When the play button is clicked the video player goes fullscreen, example here.

Advanced control bar settings

Autohide control bar, the video player control bar can be set to autohide after several seconds of inactivity and can be showed or hidden when the video is stopped or it hasn't started.

Advanced video settings

The possibility to start/stop playing at a specified time, start volume value, click to play or pause, the video can be click to play/pause, video loop, shuffle, much more.


Autoplay video with muted sound to comply with the browser autoplay policy, example here.

Advanced features & buttons settings

EVP has a lot of features and some of them are bound to buttons, all are optional and here are some of them. big play button, play/pause button, rewind 10 seconds button, volume button, volume scrubber, shuffle and loop buttons, download video button, embed and share buttons, share window button, fullscreen button and more...

Detailed documentation & video tutorials

The plugin comes with detailed documentation as well as various video tutorials for example here can be found a detailed video tutorial about how to use the WordPress Version.

Replace default WordPress video player

Optional feature to replace the default WordPress video player with EVP. Replace video block, Youtube block and Vimeo block with the same flexibility as the normal EVP version, video tutorial here.

WooCommerce support

EVP can be included in a WooCommerce product page, all video formats, features and settings works exactly like in the WordPress version, there are no restrictions.

Direct support from the EVP developer

Once you buy Easy Video Player you will also receive direct support and attention from the video player developer. Tibi @ FWD

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